The Winemaker

Kate Tillie is the great-granddaughter and winemaker. She inherited a love of working in the dirt and bringing her family around the table for a lively discussion. Her passion for wine developed out of a respect for yeast and nature’s gentle rhythms. Her greatest hope is to create a wine that brings people together and encourages appreciation of time spent with loved ones.


The Grandmother

Great-grandma Tillie loved family, holidays, gardening, and working with her hands. The love she poured into those around her has served as inspiration for this family winery. Tillie loved a good chat. She spent countless hours on the patio with neighbors, or on the phone with siblings. Her knack for bringing people together has solidified the long-held family value of community.


Wine in Real Life

Tillie Wines are made to be enjoyed every day, not just on a special occasion. Our intention is to make a product that you use to celebrate a great Friday or turn around a less than excellent Tuesday. We want you to share these wines with friends, bring them when you see family, and incorporate the love we’ve poured into the bottle into your daily life. Our wines are meant to facilitate your treasured moments, not to be locked away and opened sparingly.


The Finest Grapes

Tillie Wines seeks relationships with vineyards who have history, experience, and great farming practices. We believe wine should represent the earth where it was grown, not just the conditions in the cellar. Our partners are small independent farmers, who approach viticulture with care and attention. Everything is hand harvested and gently cared for before it arrives in the cellar.


Meticulous Winemaking

Kate Tillie went to winemaking school with a background already planted in Biology. She uses that and her experience with international travel and winemaking to produce wines that are chemically sound, biologically interesting, and artfully crafted. At Tillie Wines we view the role of a winemaker as a partner to nature, not a master of nature. These wines are ushered along through the process with the intention to showcase the best qualities of our region, and the synergy between the history of winemaking and mother earth.


Tasting Room Experience

We invite you to enjoy an authentic Tillie experience. Share in a comfortable, informative, and engaging wine tasting presented by our winemaker, Kate Tillie. Get the gang together, entertain clients, or meet new people. We can tailor an experience to meet the needs of you or your group.



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